Governor Palin predicts weak Obama Presidency

Say what you may about the former governor, but she is looks like Nostradamus himself this week. If you remember, she warned us about the consequences of a weak Obama presidency, and now one of her predictions (among others) is coming true.

She certainly foresaw, along with Governor Romney, the threat of an economically rejuvenated Russia, led by an iron-fist ruler. Remember, Putin was an ex-KGB member and has a heart as cold as a Siberian winter. Men like this are not to be taken lightly.

As the Middle East burns, our threats on Syria have been discounted, our military has become decimated and our economy is heading towards economic ruins, Putin knew that now was the prime opportunity for him to take a decisive, military action. Plus, with a community organizer as a president and a man without any inward conviction, he knew that Obama would proved to be a laughable opponent.

In fact, Putin immediately scoffed off Obama's weak threats by invading the Ukraine without hesitation. Though Obama demands a Russian retreat and calls the act of aggression a breach of international law, Putin scoffs off his threats easier than he does snow from his boots.

And what are the "consequences" Obama threatened Putin with...economic isolation? Apparently, this means nothing to Putin as they can trade with China and continue selling their natural gas without much interference.

Unfortunately Obama, and now the United States, is stuck again with another Obama foreign policy debacle. Just like with Syria, Obama has made both Washington and our country look both incompetent and foolish. I'm almost afraid now to ask what else she has predicted from a further Obama administration.