The Affordable Care Act Cuts 2 Million Jobs

And the news for Obamacare keeps on getting worse. With the latest CBS poll showing a satisfaction rate of 7% for this program, businesses reducing working hours and/or employees to avoid taxes imposed by the program and sky-high Obamacare deductibles, the Affordable Care Act has become an anchor, sinking the American economy into an eventual watery grave.

To add insult to injury, the Congressional Budget Office (a nonpartisan group) came out today with the strong warning that Obamacare will reduce the American workforce by the equivalent of 2 million full-time workers in 2017. They concluded that the health law would lead some workers, particularly those with lower incomes, to limit their hours to avoid losing federal subsidies that Obamacare provides to help pay for health insurance and other healthcare costs.

For example, some Americans nearing retirement could decide to keep their work hours shorter to maintain Obamacare subsidies until they qualified for Medicare. Such a policy would thus "reduce incentives to work" and pose an "implicit tax on working" for those returning to a job with health insurance.

This policy goes against human nature. Remember, incentive is what drives us to invent, work harder and strive for greater things. Incentive is what makes businesses grow, creates jobs and expands the economy. Just like all of the current administration’s policies, Obamacare stifles the human spirit and hinders it from growing.

If you disagree with me and you are a working, taxpaying man or woman, ask yourself this question: has any Obama policy helped you? Has any Obama policy helped your business? Has any Obama policy cut your taxes? Has any Obama policy made your job easier? If the answer is no, it explains why our economy continues to stagnate and the divide between rich and poor continue to grow. Now ask yourself this: can American handle another 3 more years of this?