Why People Hate Ron Paul

Did you even wonder why there was such ardent dislike for Ron Paul, or why the media has cast him as some right-wing nut. Most people don't even know anything about him. Once they hear right-wing, religious or conservative, their mind is made up. Sadly, the same goes thing goes both ways for both parties. However, Ron Paul seems to stand alone in his negative press.
So ask yourself this: what does Ron Paul stand for and who are the people who hate him? Let's run down his supposedly far-right, "crazy" ideas. Ron Paul believes in smaller government, containing/paying off or national debt, abolition of the Federal Reserve, minimizing government interference in business and not being the world's police force, costing more American lives by the day.
Does that sound crazy or does it make complete sense? Honestly, he sounds like our founding fathers. In fact, many of those exact same beliefs were those President George Washington.
So who hates him? First, the bankers hate him. Why? Well, because they make money through interest. So it behooves them to make the government bigger and more dependent on loans to maintain its astronomical size. Thus, minimizing America's spending would be detrimental to their wallets. And who do you think runs the Federal Reserve. No, not our government but private bankers. And since the Feds basically run our monetary system at will, they would lose this control along with the enormous financial perks that are accompanied by it. Now, I'll give you a hint of where these banker's money goes. If you guessed progressive political candidates or the media, you would be right.
Also a big loser if Ron Paul got into office would be our vast military industrial complex. If we were not waging war across the globe, they would not be making money. Thus, it also behooves them to stand against such candidates as Ron Paul. And you can guess where their money goes. If you guessed peace activist, you would be wrong.
Now, with both the bankers and our vast military industrial complexes with the most to lose from a Ron Paul presidency, who do you think is driving the bad press about him? And this is just scratching the surface. Plus, despite D.C.'s financial and moral decay, they want the status quo . A Ron Paul presidency would jeopardize this. Thus, the establishment of both parties see him as a threat.
So who supports Ron Paul. Honestly, the people support him. The grass roots are his backers. Why do you think the DC establishment fear him? Why do you think his supporters were targeted by the IRS. Not only does he have the people on his side but he is also the biggest threat the DC establishment has to fear. Go Ron Paul!