Is the Federal Reserve the Modern Day Knights Templar?

First of all, who were the Knights Templar? Were they a figment of author Dan Brown's imagination or were they a real group? In fact, they were totally authentic and were a military branch of Christian monks who protected Christian pilgrims traveling to the Holy Land. With their headquarters at the site of Solomon's Temple, they thus obtained the name, The Knights Templar.

Besides protecting pilgrims, the Knights made an enormous profit in something called  Usury. Usury was a form of money lending where an initial charge was made for a loan, or interest was charged on the repayments. The increase of the Knights Templar wealth in turn led to becoming involved in banking which in turn brought even greater wealth into the Knights Templar order. Their financial power due to their banking activities led to great political power in all of the countries in Europe of the Middle Ages.

The Knights Templar banking activities increased their financial wealth and political power. Powerful monarchs went to the Knights Templar to obtain loans. This was the case of King Philip IV of France, who was already heavily in debt to the Knights Templar when he requested a further loan to finance a war. Fearing the growing influence of the Knights and their economic stranglehold over Europe, he eventually accused them of being Satanist and forcefully disbanded the group on Friday, October 13 in 1307--thus abolishing his loans.
Now, let's take a closer look at the Federal Reserve. Who are they? First of all, despite the belief of mostly all Americans, the Feds are a private organization run by private bankers. They provide the government with a ready source of loans and serves as the safe depository for federal monies. The Federal Reserve is also a low-cost mechanism for transferring funds and is an inexpensive agent for meeting payments on the national debt and government salaries.
And the resemblance continues. The Feds, just like the Knights, make enormous sums of money from the money they lend out to the US government. Now, instead of The Knights Templar having financial control over France, the Feds have financial control over the United States.
Let us now learn from history. In order for France to remain financially solvent and keeps it sovereignty, King Philip IV disbanded The Knights Templar. Let us learn from those who came before us and do the dissolve the Federal Reserve before it is too late.