The New Reality

My novel, The New Reality, will be out in bookstores May, 2014. As an American who wants to see the next generation become better than ours, I fear the economic debt that looms over their heads will deter this from happening. Worse yet, I fear the debt will,, in essence, make us beholden to China's every whim and essentially a serf in their growing world, economic domination. Also, as a physician, I watch our medical system slowly dwindle because of the endless laws, governmental regulations and private insurance companies' greed.

When I look at my kids some day in the future, I want to tell them that either I tried to stop this from happening or was part of the movement that stopped it from occurring. I want to tell them that I did not sit idly by as I watched our democracy crumble, our civil liberties be taken and our economic future be destroyed. The New Reality will be the first of a three book series which will highlight the injustice being perpetrated on the American citizens and potential outcome of an unjust, unchecked political system. Below highlights the book:

What makes one person smarter, faster or even more athletic than another? Is it their upbringing or is the answer hidden within millions of years of evolution? What if mankind found the answer and in the process, doomed humanity to extinction?

Focusing on both our current politically charged environment and world-wide economic crisis, The New Reality follows Alex Pella on a tumultuous journey that projects a potential path of human existence in the 21st century. After a virus embedded in our genetic code inadvertently gets released upon the planet, no country is financially prepared to deal with such a disaster. Only the brilliant neuroscientist, Alex Pella, and his intellectual equal, Marissa Ambrosia, have the audacity to attempt finding the cure while simultaneously fending off a foreign, elite military unit sent to stop them. Guided by an ancient code concealed within the Old Testament, they must traverse ancient lands and attempt to solve an age-old biblical riddle in order to save mankind from its own inevitable destruction.

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