Free Speech is Dead- Duck Dynasty

Free speech was one of the fundamental principles which made our country both unique and great. The founders of our country deemed it so important that it was placed in the very First Amendment to our great Constitution. And yes, the Constitution is not a myth or a figment our some people's imagination. Although not followed by our tyrannical president, it was in one day the law of the land.

Though you may think I jest, the First Amendment to the Constitution has been systematically dismantled by the left and forgotten by our liberal media. Instead of the First Amendment, we have the PC police. Though not sanctioned by the Constitution or having any legal jurisdiction, it has become more powerful than the IRS itself.

You see, the PC police has their own agenda- an agenda to which all those who disobey will be marginalized, ridiculed and vehemently attacked. And those that do not follow their rule will meet the same fate- like it or not. Free speech is dead. The democrats who once championed the concept of free speech are now the ones behind this PC agenda.

As a history buff, I find this modern day PC police no different from Hitler's Gestapo. In fact, the differences between the two dwindle by the day. I do not over-exaggerate. Just think if you want to make a non-PC comment. What do you do? Most say it in a hushed tone or confide in only the closest of friends their true feelings. Some look both ways before whispering their comment. Many have become too afraid to speak their mind and remain silent. Don't tell me none of you experienced what I have just written.

Just look at Duck Dynasty. A&E has suspended Phil Robertson. And for what reason? The answer is obvious. They fear the PC police.  Also, following like mindless sheep, now Cracker Barrel is pulling Duck Dynasty merchandise from the shelves. And don't forget Paula Dean. She is yet another of this year's assault by the PC police.When I grew up people feared an audit by the IRS. Now, the big fear is getting attacked by the PC police. Both A&E and Cracker Barrel folded without even a fight. They conceded their First Amendment rights- the rights our forefathers and soldiers fought so hard for us to have.

Now is not the time to lie down and have our Constitution desecrated. Now is not the time to roll over and concede defeat to the PC police. Now is the time for us to stand up for our constitutional rights and speak our minds. It does not matter if you agree with Phil Robertson or not. However, it does matter if you believe in the First Amendment to our Constitution. Do not stand idly by and watch Duck Dynasty fall. Speak your mind openly and willingly now before we are the last generation of Americans that ever have the chance to do so again!