Who's Covering the Tea Party's March on Washington?

As the name of the post asks, "Who's Covering the Tea Party's March on Washington"? First of all, did anyone know there was a march on Washington DC today. Does anybody know what the march was about? The answer most likely is no. And that is sad. And what is sadder is that I could find absolutely no pictures or articles about the event today. It was like there was a total media blackout on the story- a story that threatens to destroy America. The sarin gas supposedly used by Assad will not do it but Obama will.

If you want the answer, here it is. Taxpayers and Tea Party Patriots flooded the streets around our Nation’s Capitol today with the purpose to pressure the U.S. Congress to De-Fund ObamaCare- scheduled to begin January 1, 2014.

As Obama gives one smokescreen after another, Obamacare slowly gets implemented, taking away our individual freedoms by the day. Syria, Miley Cyrus, Zimmerman, Gun Control and other stories obscure what is really happening now in America. While Obamacare threatens to eat away at the heart of America, we are inundated with another inane speech,filled with overused rhetoric and devoid of any true meaning or substance, tonight by Obama . As we listen to this socialist drone on, reading from his teleprompter, his overall goal to take over America's entire economy is coming to fruition. And the sad part about it is nothing is stopping him. Not his foreign policy failures, domestic policy debacles, numerous scandals which he remains unaccountable for and disastrous economic policy seem to stop the Obama cancer that has invaded our country.

While we all might feel secure that another war may have been averted, we all forget the war that obama and his cronies currently wage on America and her great Constitution. We must not forget what he is doing to our country nor must we forget the road that he has taken our country down. The road is filled with scandal, bankruptcy, moral decay, lawlessness and economic ruin.