Obamacare Commercial

If you haven't seen it, I've posted the new anti-Obamacare commercial. It's obviously geared to scare the younger generation. However, it is lackluster and lacks substance. So I get what they are trying to say, but after watching it I wanted to go to Burger King.

Sadly, I found the commercial lacking any true substance, and it was more comical than impactful. Thus, I fear it will not create the kind of backlash that it was intended to do. A great chance to help turn public opinion against Obamacare was definitely lost.

Remember the Harry and Louise commercial? Remember the impact it had on the Clinton health plan? The reason why is that this commercial had substance and created a gut-wrenching response when viewed. It played to everyone's economic fears and financial uncertainty. Even now when I watch it, I take a deep breath when it's over. Below is the clip. Watch it in comparison to the above commercial and you will se my point.