Obama Won the Nobel Peace Prize?

It just dawned on me yesterday that during the first month of Obama's ignominious reign he won the esteemed Nobel peace Prize. I thought it was laughable back then but now I find it disgraceful.

To begin, let's break down his Middle East Foreign policy. He came into office with the promise of getting us out of Iraq and ending the ongoing war in the Middle East. However, when the first test came to this policy during the Arab Spring in Egypt, we saw it almost immediately dissolve. Muhammad Hosni El Sayed Mubarak was our ally that we've been giving billion of dollars to each and every year. He was also the leader with peace agreement with Israel, and tensions between the two countries were at an all time low. Plus and more importantly, we had him under control. Then, an uprising came about and instead of supporting our ally of many years, we supported the rebels- many of whom were our enemies? We then went on to legitimize Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood as he brought in terrorists and raped the country of its wealth and morality. Now that Arab Spring has turned into a disaster as poverty and death run ramped in that impoverished country.

Next came Libya. I'm not saying Muammar Gaddafi was a good guy by any means. However, we had him under control and he willingly gave up his weapons of mass destruction. Then, when another rebel group wanted to seize power, we again chose not to endorse the man who we had under our belt. Now, Libyans suffer from ongoing violence, with tribal clashes, deadly attacks on foreign diplomatic missions and international organizations, the destruction of Sufi religious sites, kidnappings for financial and political reasons, and targeted killings of former Gaddafi security officers. Non-Libyans from sub-Saharan Africa face arrests, beatings, and forced labor. Plus, the Libyan jihadist militia known as Ansar al-Sharia was blamed for the attack on the American consulate in Benghazi on September 11th that led to the death of the American ambassador.

Now is Syria we again want to intervene. Plus, Syria poses absolutely no threat to American security and has the potential to erupt into a major international crisis. Has two failures not taught us anything? Have we not learned that we don't know who the good guys verse the bad one ones are? Does anybody realize that we have done more to empower our enemies in Middle East than stabilize the situation or help our allies. Has anybody seen the signs in the US army which state that they didn't enlist to fight a Syrian civil war?

In summary, you can all plainly see that Obama's Middle East foreign policy has turned into a nightmare- destabilizing the region, empowering the terrorists and costing countless lives. Good job Nobel Peace Prize winner!