And Down We Go in a Foreign Policy Sinkhole

Is it me or are we looking more ludicrous by the day? First, obama insists, despite all contradictory information, that America should start a new war in Syria. Yet, we don't have the support of the UN, the British or most other democratic countries in the free world. The scenario is leaving us alone, without support from our allies, and appearing like a bunch of war mongers without true provocation for attack. Plus, the irony is that the treaty we signed in the UN clearly states that one sovereign country cannot attack another sovereign country without UN consent unless their welfare is imminently in jeopardy. Does anybody know how Syria is currently posing an imminent threat to America? Does anybody understand why we willfully want to be in contempt of the treaty we signed in the the UN? It seems absurd!

Secondly, Putin created a viable disarmament plan for Syria's chemical weapons (which ironically came from Russia) that helped forge a reasonable out for our president. Now, Putin seems to to come out on top as he looks like the peace keeper while we seem like the bully on the block.

Third, Putin then went on to disparaged our country in an op-ed article in The New York Times urging President Obama to back off the threat of strikes and telling Americans they are not "exceptional". In the end, we Americans looked liked a bunch of wayward kids being admonished by an authoritarian father.

What makes it worse is now Kerry is stating that Putin's plan did not go far enough and Assad should begin submitting data on this disarmament immediately. Kerry then went on to caution that a U.S. military strike could happen if Assad doesn't agree to dismantle his chemical arsenal properly. But truthfully, what does "properly" mean? Are we making up the rules as we go?

Is Kerry serious with this statement? Is he just making up excuses to attack Syria? Are we all missing some hidden agenda in the obama White House? I don't know but it seriously makes one wonder.

Lastly, now Assad is admonishing America in his recent interview to Russian TV, stating that he will comply to the chemical weapons disarmament only if the US stops bullying him--creating sympathy for both himself and his country.

We are in a no win situation. Our national image and pride have been damaged if we do or don't attack. The only thing that would make us look stupider or totally not in touch with reality is if we continued pursuing the situation with ardent tenacity--and wait...that's exactly what we are doing!