WWII vet, beaten by teens outside Eagles Lodge, dies

If you have not read the story, a decorated and wounded WW II vet by the name of Delbert Belton was beaten by 2 African American men and left for dead.

Where is Obama's outrage? Where is his plea to the use to stop violence and maybe stay in school? Where is the media outrage? Hey, that guy could be me when I'm almost 90. The truth is that is not their agenda. If Obama and people like Sharpton wanted to reconcile race relations, he would have said something. Instead, they want to fuel the fire and keep us divided. In order for Obama's revolution to take place, he must first divide the country before he takes it over.

If all the media and Obama had any credibility, they would comment on this situation. Better than that, they could use this horrible event to bring the country together. They could call on the youth to be better people and to end the violence. They would stand up for this American hero and publicly say that his beating and slaughter is not only an offense to this vet but also a slap in the face to America. You hurt a vet, you hurt America. They are the reason we are all here, not speaking German or writing Russian. They have protected our freedom and the American way.

However, the truth is that Obama never liked America or its history. Vets to him are people who upheld the despicable, American history to which he loathes. He hates what they stand for and the country they represent. When people come to that realization, they will finally understand at least one of the reasons Obama remains silent of this pertinent issue. But when you really think of it, how can a man who hates America be in his second term as president? Sad days are ahead of us.