Where is Sharpton?

This story truly typifies the media hypocrisy. 3 AA teens beat to a pulp this white kid on a bus while the rest of the students and bus driver watch passively:


Where is Al Sharpton? Where is the media outrage? Where are the politicians? Where is Oprah? The answer is nowhere. Why- because this type of hate crime brings in no ratings, votes or public interest. If the Al Sharpton's really cared about racial equality, they would take just as lofty a stance on this hate crime as they did with Trayvon Martin. Also, if they took a stand on this case, they would actually have some credibility. Instead, they are silent. The media also lends a deaf ear to this crime.

The truth of the matter is the Al Sharptons and media want there to be a racial divide in this country. They want racism to exist. Without either, their existence is meaningless. When given a true example of a hate crime and racism as above they do nothing. If they did, it would mean that all they believe in and who they are would mean nothing. Their existentialist life would come crashing to a bitter end, creating a sense of utter worthlessness that would eventually lead to their psychological demise.

So the bottom line is that racism is only convenient when it serves the personal causes of the Sharptons and media folks of the country. Though it is 2013, they want to bring us back to the sixties and keep race relations at a all time low. Fueled by egocentrics like our pitiful president, true race issues will never be solved, while new problems will be created for personal gains.