The Meidia Hates Religion

I've come across the following article about the savage murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom which typifies the flagrant media bias and disregard for the truth:

Although the horrors inflicted upon Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom were luridly savage, the national news media was slow to pick up the story. Conservative commentators and right-wing blogs insisted that the crimes were being ignored by mainstream media out of a perverse sense of political correctness — simply because the victims were white and the suspects were black. TV pundit and conservative columnist Michelle Malkin said "There is a discomfort level with stories that have black assailants and white victims... If it doesn't fit some sort of predetermined narrative of how we view taboo subjects like race and crime, there's a disinclination to cover it."

The press has no regard for Christians or for the most part, religion. Just look at Tim Tebow. Not that he's a good quarterback but he's been crucified in the media and portrayed as some religious nut. The media hated seeing him pray. They hated his Christian beliefs and they mocked him every chance they got.

So it's no surprise they could care less about these 2 people. They two innocent Christians are not part of their progressive, atheistic agenda. You see, progressives don't want people to rely on themselves or religion as Obama pointed out: "clinging to guns and religion". They want people to only rely on government for their support. In order to destroy the guns and religion, the government and media thrust gun control laws down our throat and marginalize religion. You see their plan now. It's spelled out nicely by Obama's comment. They want control- total control. The very thing our forefathers warned us about.