Political Correctness

George Carlin was a genius when he would spoof political correctness. In his usual demeanor, he would jest how political correctness waters down the meaning of the language and neuters our speech to the point where it becomes meaningless.

Though I laughed at his commentary, I have come to realize that ppolitical correctness does not allow us to address a point directly because we fear the repercussions. The problem is, if we don't directly address our problems, we'll never fix them. That is why our economy and country are in decline. And the problem is those that do stand up and speak and their mind are cast off as a sell-out, right-wing nuts or racist. Just look at what happened to Bill O'Reilly recently. The media has made it almost impossible to address a point without fears of an Al Sharpton-led backlash. So where does that leave us? Right where Obama wants us- nowhere.