Free Speech is Gone

The sad part is that this is America. No longer does the first Amendment apply. Now, we watch what we say and look over our backs before speaking. A remotely racist or sexist remark could get you fired, branded or ostracized from society. Speaking up for what you believe no longer matters. If it does not conform to the progressive agenda, you are marginalized and cast aside as a dissident to the nation. You are called racist, right wing, uneducated, un-American or religious nut. The names are all different but the point they make isn't- what you have to say doesn't matter and does not want to be heard.

Take for instance, hate crimes. All crimes are hateful but unfortunately, only certain politically correct ones are considered hate crimes. I'm a physician who has worked in inner-city and suburban trauma centers. I have seen hate crimes that would make you lose faith in humanity. Yet, no one will address the issue because it is politically incorrect to bring up the subject. The real reason is that we as Americans no longer have the freedom of speech to talk openly. Yes, we have gangs, roaming thugs and drug addicts. And yes, they kill, rape and pillage for fun, money or just to get into a gang.

The question is: where is the real media coverage. Who is bringing the real problems to the forefront. The answer is no one. And that is how Nazi's took power and created death camps while it people stood docile.