Dictator Obama


Did you ever wonder why Obama has pushed back portions of Obamacare such as the employer mandate past its designated time of institution?

The simple answer is that Obama and the democrats plan to take back the house come Fall and they don't want anything in their way from doing so. It does not matter if they have to lie, cheat and fix the votes, they believe it can be done. They saw what they could accomplish with 2 presidential elections, and it has empowered them. They know that once they again have the house, they can shove more socialist, progressive legislation down our throats. Realistically, nothing will be able to stop them at that point. With the media, who are leading the American people like sheep, in their back pocket, they will be able to legislate whatever they want. And what they want to do is to transform America into a socialist country with mediocre citizens, mediocre ambitions and mediocre outcomes. You see, with mediocrity, nobody's feeling are hurt and if they are, a citizen can always turn to the government for help. It seems to be both the obvious and unavoidable conclusion to Obama's unconstitutional actions.

Plus, what gives Obama the right to pick and chose what parts of the law he wishes to enforce? It is illegal, unconstitutional and un-American! By these actions, Obama has essentially negated the Constitution and created a quasi-dictatorship regime. If the President can pick what parts of the law he wishes to enforce, then, in fact, he has become a quasi-dictator who serves only his own needs without any supervision from the other branches of government. Is that not what Hitler did in Nazi Germany? All hail Obama.