First Amendment does not Apply to Obama Clown

In yet another affront to our First Amendment rights, the Obama clown (redundant statement) was banned from all future Missouri events. So much for free speech. And better yet, the NAACP is asking the Secret Service to investigate the clown. And no, I'm not talking about Obama but the guy wearing the mask. Not to go out on a limb, but I'm sure that if he wore a President Bush mask, there would not be the slightest uproar or banning.

The double standard in this country is sickening. The First Amendment seems to only apply when a liberal says it or it's against a conservative. Where was the outrage when Sharpton called Greeks Homos. How about when Travon called Zimmerman a Cracker? Lastly, remember when Biden poked fun at Indians working at 7/11? The liberals can say and do as our Constitution originally intended. However, if a conservative says anything anyone might find offensive, they call them a racist or ignorant.

Remember, the First Amendment applies to all of us- not some. And I'm tired of those some telling the rest of us what to say and how to act. This must end. This is a slap in the face of our founding fathers and to all us hard working Americans.