Zimmerman Riot

Are we in store for a Rodney King style riot after Zimmerman's verdict is decided? Has the NBC editing of Zimmerman's calls set the stage for unnecessary rioting, looting and needless killing. Has the media's insistence on playing the race card throughout their coverage fueled the flames that were lit by NBC's unscrupulous reporting? Has Facebook and other liberal outlets kept this fresh in America's minds since the story broke?

When North Korea is vowing nuclear attacks, the IRS is targeting conservative groups. Obama is coving up his blunders in Benghazi, our economy is tanking and our debt rises, why has this story become the backbone of the liberal media's coverage? The answer is simple. By using buzz words, playing on people's emotions and chanting race like they were Paul Revere, the media is taking attention away from what is really happening here is America. Our government is crumbling before our eyes. Obama has thrown out the Constitution, bills by the Senate are being passed with so much pork that it raises your cholesterol just by reading it, the economy is tanking and our foreign policy has reverted back to the pitiful days of Jimmy Carter. In the end, the media doesn't want people to realize the policies of the Democrats are failures, their leaders are crazy and that they are bankrupting the country. They've blinded most of America to the truth.

The media is supposed too be unbiased. A free press was set forth by our founding fathers to ensure an additional checks and balance system to the government. That checks and balance is long gone. And our founding fathers were right. Without it America is crumbling before our eyes, leaving our children just a shell of the prosperity we all enjoyed when we were kids.

In the end, the Zimmerman verdict will eventually end in riots-no matter what the verdict. Congratulations liberal media. This is what you created.