The truth of Obamacare

I am a physician and graduated med school 15 years ago. Many patients ask me what I think about Obamacare. I simply tell them to make up their own mind:

First, I mention that the IRS will be running the program

Second, I tell them that the total bill for Obamacare is now triple (and growing) from what was initially calculated- and that these numbers were taken off of economists on liberal TV news agencies

Third, I point out that if they enjoy going to the DMV, they'll really enjoy the doctor's office of tomorrow (as long as you don't work for congress)

Fourth, I point out that the US government will be in control of 1/6th of our economy. And if they like how Amtrak or the post office is run, they'll be thrilled to see what's in store for us Americans.

Though I have 10 more points to make, I don't want everyone leaving my office in a state of depression and stop at four.

The truth is clearly in front of us what is in store for America. Now is not the time to put your head in the dirt. We must all become Tired Americans to save our country!