Racism? It's the easiest way to get attention. Say the R-word and the media will bend over backward to cover the story. Simply put, it's free and easy publicity for anyone who wants to be heard. There doesn't have to be any truth behind it- as long as it's said it must be true?

Honestly, as Americans are we not smart enough to remember the "Boy who Cried Wolf Story"? Well, that's what's been going on with the Sharptons, Obamas and Jacksons of the world. When will we as Americans all stand up and say enough is enough! This is dividing the country, creating racism and doing nothing to better us as a country!

Plus, Obama's recent comments about the Zimmerman case only fueled the fire. Yes, the entire thing was a tragedy. However, did the President need to weigh in and make the whole situation that much worse? I think not.