Obama supports Morsi


The largest question that lingers after Mohammad Morsi's ousting from presidency is why did we support him in the first place and continue to support him?

Let's look at this rationally. Both Hamas and Al-Qaeda are part of the Muslim Brotherhood. Though a more malicious outshoot, they are still working together. To give an analogy it's like telling someone that it's OK to join a local gang just as long as they don't get involved in the mob. Does that make any more sense than our foreign policy in Egypt?

Also, since we in American are the bastion of freedom and civil rights, why did we (Obama) continue to back a leader who is just as cavalier about human rights as Bashar al-Assad from Syria? Fist hand accounts- not that which is reported by CNN, tell of major violations to Egyptian human rights within the first week of Morsi taking power. First of all, the new Constitution put in place in Egypt was based upon Sharia Law- instantly relegating women to second class citizens and taking away basic human rights. Secondly, look at what is happening to the Christians. Does our government not care that Christian are being murdered and churches burnt in Egypt with the full endorsement of the Morsi government?

From more firsthand sources in Egypt, they tell how Morsi opened the gates of prisons and let out his terrorist cronies. Also, they tell of how Morsi recruited members of Hamas and other terrorist organizations in Afghanistan to come to Egypt and create terrorism in the country. As absurd is that sounds, we are currently seeing members of members of these groups fighting against the Egyptian army and massacring innocent Egyptian people.

If that weren't enough, Morsi had robbed from his people, decimated the economy, sold off his land through bonds, let inflation soar and created mass chaos. Why do you think over 30 million people in a country of just over 80 million took to the streets? Things were bad in Egypt. There were power shortages, food shortages and unemployment.

Knowing all of these atrocities among many others, we must ask ourselves again: why did Obama and his administration back Morsi? It's like making a deal with the devil. The answer is, Obama's true motivation for supporting Morsi neither lies with the Egyptian people or their country. As always, it is about him and his corrupt, nearsighted and egocentric policies. God help America.