Obama: "Speak Loudly and Carry a Small Stick"

Remember former President Theodore Roosevelt's slogan: "Talk softly but carry a big stick"? Well, I've coined a new term for Obama's foreign policy: "Speak loudly and carry a small stick". Take away all his rhetoric and all you are left with is a deflated balloon. As Obama's foreign policy continues disintegrate before our eyes it should not come as a surprise. Remember his initial apology tour and him bowing down to the Saudi King among other world leaders?

The US is no longer taking an active role in foreign policy. Some say that is a good thing but as we look around the globe, the outcomes are irrefutable. Unfortunately, as history repeatedly teaches us, countries don't play nicely together. It is a simple as that. There needs to be a leader-someone to take control and keep peace. The UN can't do it nor do I ever foresee that it will. Under President Bush the world watched our actions. Now, we watch in trepidation the world's actions. The biggest question remains: can the world survive another 3 years of Obama without collapsing?