Global Warming Myth

I've added below an excerpt from an article that I just read. Is it me or is anyone else getting tired of the whole global warming rhetoric that permeates the liberal media and is the call to war for the democrats? If it wasn't blaming President Bush, it was blaming global warming and greenhouse gases. First of all, the media makes it seem as if our CO2 production has taken over the entire atmosphere. When in fact, the entire concentration of CO2 in earth's atmosphere is only0.0397%! Plus, the liberals always pursue that idea that if the CO2 content in the earth's atmosphere rises any higher, we'll turn into the planet Venus. As you may already know that on Venus, because of the increased CO2 in the atmosphere,traps the heat, creating sweltering temperatures. However, what the media does not tell you is that on Venus, the atmosphere is composed of 96% CO2. That is 24,181 times greater than on Earth! Numbers don't lie but unfortunately, the media does.


As firefighters head home from Southern Nevada, U.S. Sen. Harry Reid on Wednesday blamed “climate change” for the intense blaze that consumed nearly 28,000 acres and drove hundreds of residents from their homes around Mount Charleston this month.

“Why are we having them? Because we have climate change. Things are different. The forests are drier, the winters are shorter, and we have these terrible fires all over the West.”

Reid made the statement as the battle against the 27,881-acre Carpenter 1 Fire was coming to a close and residents and business operators in the once-threatened Kyle Canyon were allowed to return to their homes Wednesday.