What Happened to the First Amendment?

What happened to the First Amendment? If it were not important, our founding fathers would not have placed it number one in our Constitution. However, it is of paramount importance, and is what separates us from the communists, fascist and other dictatorships around the world. It is the fundamental right by which our Constitution gives us, the American people, an equal opportunity to voice our opinions and concerns without the fear negative ramifications. It is what makes our society open, and is the safeguard against totalitarianism.

However the liberals and left-wing media has soiled this Constitutional right. We Americans no longer enjoy the same freedom of speech as our forefathers or even our parents. A new meaning of free speech has arisen in Obam-America. Free speech only applies to what the liberals and left-wing media believes is politically correct. Anything else is considered ignorant, unenlightened and bigoted.

If that were not enough, those that disagree with the political correct mantra set for by these liberals, are ostracized from our society. Their reputation is irrevocably tarnished, businesses dismantled and lives destroyed. Plus, how they go about destroying someone is so efficient and calculated that at this point, it takes little effort to do.

Now, people are too afraid to speak up and voice their opinion for fear of the repercussions. Their voices are silenced as our society heads down the trail meritocracy, immorality and financial ruin. We have reach a breaking point whereby if we don't do something about it, our fundamental rights as Americans will be lost. Now is not the time to sit back. Now is the time to take back our country.