What Happened to the Dream?

What has happened to the theory of integration which was so eloquently brought to us by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.? He envisioned a society whereby everyone, no matter what their color or ethnic background, could be mixed evenly in the melting pot we call America.

That dream, however, is long gone. Integration has turned into greater segregation. Today, many no longer look at each as Americans or identify themselves as an American. Instead, we identify ourselves with our ethnic backgrounds, social beliefs or our individual faiths. You would think that after 50 years since the initiation of the civil rights movement started things would be different. Unfortunately, they have only worsened. We have degraded into a society of parts. And these parts are not working as a whole. No longer does Society stress that becoming an American is greater than becoming a segregated individual. There is no longer any great pride in America. There's no longer any great pride in American history. We are taught that being American is bad because America has done bad things. We are meant to feel ashamed of American Heritage. We are also taught that America has been an evil nation that has done evil things to its people and to the world as a whole.

Now the media and society has made it almost un-American to want to be an American. They make you feel that if you are an American you condone the mistakes the United States has made in her past-disregarding all her greater accomplishments that far outweigh her digressions.

Now it is more appealing to identify yourself with a segregated group in America than to embrace being an American. Unfortunately, this is what the media has done to our country.

No longer do we rejoice in the accomplishments of Christopher Columbus. The media tells us that we should feel bad that Columbus came to America. No longer should we take pride in our forefathers because some unfortunately condoned slavery. No longer should we feel good about the wars that we have one. Because they only prove that America has become an evil, imperialistic nation. The media has left us with no heritage or no pride in our country. Thus, we are left with taking pride in other segregated issues-which further separate our country and our people.

The time of feeling bad is over. We should embrace our country as we should embrace each other. We are all Americans and everyone living in this country living embrace our country as a whole. The time for self segregation is over. We must no longer listen to the media and the anti-American messages to which it preaches. We must listen to what our forefathers and the Constitution of America has taught us. We must not forget who we are and what we represent. For if we do our country will cease to exist.