Obama Raises Debt Ceiling

Is it me or is anyone else worried that Obama is raising the debt ceiling? Is it me or is Obama just throwing our money away? Or worse yet, is he just throwing it to the Chinese? Does anybody out there realize the insanity of our debt?

I spoke to my oldest daughter today and asked what she learned in Social Studies. After listening about her politically correct, substance-devoid lesson, I went on to give her a real social studies lesson with some meat in it. I went on to explain how Obama has forsaken her generation once again by raising the debt ceiling. I explained how it will be their generation that is forced to pay off our debts. I then went on to speak with her about responsibility and moral character- both of which Obama lacks.

Though she is smart, I doubt she truly understood the ramifications of Obama's endless spending. Unfortunately, not many people do or they are like the media and don't pay attention.

However, now is not the time to turn the other cheek, look the other way or just simply ignore the subject. Now is the time we must all understand what Obama is doing to our next generation and the future of our country. Already, look at what's happened:

1. Gas prices are through the roof
2. Our space program is in ruins
3. Our military has been decimated by cuts
4. Businesses are closing
5. The middle class has been buried
6. The price of everything has risen
7. America has become to tax-expensive for foreign companies to start a business
8. The standard of living for Americans has decreased
9. We haven't passed a budget in years
10. The worth of a dollar has gone done
11. Graduates can't find jobs
12. The government has grown enormously
13. Dependency on the government has increased enormously
14. Food stamps, section 8 and other government hand outs are dramatically on the rise
15. And the list goes on....

And where is Obama?
In Hawaii. Well I guess it's closer to his real home- Indonesia!