Obama's Plan is to Destroy the Economy

Here's the question: what will America be like in 4 years? With the second pork filled stimulus bill on thits way, the feds printing more money and no economic plan for the next 4 years, the future looks grim. There are many consequences to ponder. However, I will just write on one of them.

There is no doubt in my mind that the stimulus bill on its way will put us in another 6 trillion of debt in 4 years- which means our economic ranking will drop, inflation will rise and the economy will be on the verge of collapse. We've reached a point where the debt is unsustainable. I was warned of this day back in grade school and now it is upon us. The reason Obama is leading us down this road is debatable. Is it punish our country for our previous historical errors, or is he just a mindless pawn told to do this for some higher economic purpose such as a one-world government.?In a way it does not matter. Obama is like the captain of the Titanic, but unlike Titanic's captain, he's knowingly leading us directly into the iceberg.

In the end, the economy is bound to fail. I can't see any other alternative. Then what happens? Who will there be to blame? Obviously, the media will not hold the anointed one accountable. No. Instead, I believe the country could possibly play the "class warfare" card. "It's the rich people's fault we're in this predicament" and "If those rich guys weren't so greedy, our economy wouldn't have collapsed" may just be what we're going to hear.

We've already seen the movement against Wall Street and heard how Obama supported it. Will the people and the media turn on the businesses, those that create jobs and those that have achieved the American dream? Will the successful now become the enemy? I hope we don't go down the a similar road such as the former Soviet Union, Cambodia and other such places as Iran. I hope us Americans are smarter than that. But after Obama got enough votes to be re-elected, I have serious doubts.

Unfortunately, the road ahead will be very rocky. I just hope at the end of this road there isn't a cliff!