Impeach Obama

I just read the unemployment numbers and as expected it rose again. This time it's 8.3%. I'm not exactly sure how Obama and his Stalinesque team of cronies fixed the numbers before the election, but with the poor economy the number was bound to rise.

After listening to Obama's plans for the future and reviewing his deplorable record as a leader, I must ask myself this: Is Obama doing all this on purpose? Or how about this: Is he trying to punish America? It's a serious and legitimate question. What he is doing now is just a smoke screen. The rhetoric we hear spewing from his hate-filled mouth about the rich not paying enough really does not make rational sense. If he gets all the tax hikes he wants on the rich and gets everything tax loophole closed, the revenue generated from it won't sustain our economy for even 2 weeks! This is not political spin. It's political fact, and no economist out there will argue this point.

The scariest thing about this tax hike is that's only half of Obama's plan to the next four years. The other part is increase to governmental spending and to haul out another failed stimulus package. I don't care at this point what your political affiliation is, I just want you to do the math. Based upon Obama's record over the last four years, his grand economic plan for the next four years is to raise enough money to run the federal government for 2 weeks borrowing at least another 6-10 trillion dollars to support the socialistic society he created?

What sane person thinks this economic plan makes sense at all? The numbers add up to only one thing: Bankruptcy! It is complete BS. What is happening is that he is hiding behind a smoke screen of inane rhetoric and class warfare. We've seen it in Nazi Germany, the USSR, Iran and other oppressive governmental systems in the past. Now, it's happening to the greatest bastion of democracy, the USA!

Now I get back to my question: why is Obama doing this? Is it retribution or is there some other sinister underlying plan for this country (and possibly the world)? I don't know, but what I can honestly say is that the answer is one of the 2 I just mentioned.

The bottom line is that Obama neither cares for you, me or this country. It's all about himself and his ideology. If the country crumbles under his lead and we enter a time of anarchy, it does not matter to him.

It's time to impeach Obama before he destroys the country!