Yahoo Does it again

It almost seems to me that yahoo is working for Obama. Every time I read another article it is in support of the president. These "news" stories range from how Newt Gingrich thinks the president will win to other stories of how a mathematical genius believes Obama is a sure shot to remain president. I just checked and read another pro-Obama story about how someone heckled Governor Romney in Virginia.

I wonder how much yahoo is getting for being on Obama's payroll? They're obviously not relaying the true story about the election. Where's an article on the recent anemic jobs report? How about a story on how Obama's plummeting in the polls? It's like that news doesn't exist. Yahoo is not a media outlet. It's an Obama cheering squad. And I think all these news stories that are flooding their site is a final act of desperation. Because Romney looks like he will take the White House, they are doing everything possible to sucker up a few more votes.

What's going to happen when Romney wins and the economy improves for the first time in 4 years. My best guess is that they'll be reporting something negative about the Catholic Church or skew the news some way to make our future president look bad.

The irony is, if President Bush were still in power, yahoo and the rest of the liberal media would be blaming him for Hurricane Sandy. They'd be giving the statistics of how poor the clean up is going and pointing to him for everything that has not gone correctly. The sad thing I see here is that yahoo and the rest of the Libs are predictable. Any half-intelligent person can predict what they write even before the story comes out. It is sad the state of America's current media and will be sadder if our Divider and Chief Obama stays in power.