Importance of This Presidential Election

This election is the most important election of all of our lives. It will be remembered as a turning point for this country. Will America go down the path of socialism, further economic debt, over-inflated government, failed foreign policies and a oppressive president who feels as though he supersedes the Constitution. Or instead will America embrace the policies that have made her great, support our military and religious beliefs, create a strong economy and institute a strong foreign policy. The choice seems clear. However, the liberal media has smeared the truth ans set up a smoke-screen meant to confuse the voters. The facts are simple but those reporting them have not been honest.

They paint Governor Romney to be a rich elitist not in touch with America while they fail to report Obama's millions and litany of servants. They point to Bane capital while ignoring the multiple failed policies of this administration. Unemployment is up. The dollar is down. There has not been a budget passed. China is ripping us off. Our foreign policy and economy are in shambles. Who's out there telling the truth? The facts are simple and so is the only clear choice for our future.

Never before have we ever faced an election where religious freedom is at stake. The irony about history is how it repeats itself. First the government comes in and begins to regulate the church's beliefs. Next they say when we are able to congregate and then finally they persecute those who practice their religion. The world has seen it over and over again and that's why are forefathers had the insight to create a country with religious freedom. And that freedom is what is in jeopardy this election. We are at the precipice of going down a path that America and her religions were never meant to go down. We must not let this happen.

If you respect the Constitution, our rights for freedom and your religion, vote for Governor Romney.