Thank You Governor Christie!


I live in the Jersey Shore and have seen first-hand what devastation Hurricane Sandy has caused. My friends have lost their houses, have massive property damage and don't have power. There are long gas lines and the nights are getting colder. Trees are blocking roads and the power line are laying across the streets. Most of the roads were thus closed and the hospitals are on emergency power. To make things worse, the power to the cell towers went down and we have had limited service. To be honest, the damage I see along my shore area is reminiscent of post-tsunami Japan.

However, there is a silver lining to this story and his name is Governor Christie. I have never seen anyone as hands on as him during a time of crisis. His leadership, determination and planning has turned this disaster around. I see people working around the clock to get the roads cleared. The linemen are repairing electrical wires 24 hours a day. The disaster relief to the area has come quick and has been effective. Over half of us have gotten our electricity back. Grocery stores have opened and more gas stations are serving the public. As a New Jersey citizen I truly thank the governor for all he has done and is doing for us.

There are also other positive effects from his leadership. As we see the rapid efforts of the state to clean up the area, our spirits remain positive. People are laughing in the gas line. Store owners have not been raising prices. Neighbors are helping each other. The real good is coming out in many people- despite the damages.

Thank you Governor Christie!