America Chose Wrong

America chose wrong!

Though usually winded in my blogs, I believe the above sentence sums up everything. It seems almost inconceiavable how a man like Obama could win re-election. His economic plans are a failure. His foreign policy is a joke. Religious institutions are in jeopardy. Healthcare is being destroyed. Our country is far worse than it has ever been. Yet, Obama won yesterday. Has most of the country become brainwashed with what the mainstream media reports to them?

There has to be a reason why such a pitiful president like Obama could ever have 2 terms. Maybe its was mass psychosis. I don't know. However, the future of the USA does not look good. Our military will be cut this January. Our taxes will rise this January. Our debt will continue to escalate into uncharted territory- and this just scatches the surface.

It is a sad day in the USA!