The Presidential Debate was Unfair

Was I the only one that found the presidential debate last night unfair? How dare they have an open discussion on such topics as foreign affairs, the economy and health care. How dare they ask the president and the governor about pertinent political issues that are critical to the nation's future. Didn't the moderator understand that this type of questioning is biased toward Governor Romney and was completely out of touch with what the Obama administration stands for?

Where were the questions dealing with what truly matters to our president. How dare they not open the debate about community organizing or the art of apologizing? Where was the questions about how to blame someone else for you inadequacies as a leader. They also missed  inquiring about different ways to run up the national debt while cutting our military during a time of war. Plus, I really wanted to know what both thought about the best way to kiss China's ass while increasing foreign aid to Middle East countries that want all Americans dead.

But seriously, didn't Obama look like a shell of a man. Without his teleprompter he was like a deer in the headlight. When faced with facts and statistics by Romney, Obama was only left with rhetoric to defend himself. I have to ask myself this question after hearing him sputter out contrived nonsense last night: does he really know what he's doing? Honestly, he appeared completely out of touch. He had no answers for the economy, foreign affairs or healthcare. And he seemed not to understand the critical problems that America is currently facing.

Though I was extremely happy with the outcome of the debate, I was just as scared. I knew Obama was incompetent, but what I saw last night took this to a whole new level. It left me with fear that he is our current president and could potentially be in the oval office for another 4 years. iIf that doesn't send a chill down every American's spine, I don't know what will!