We Are No Better Off Over the Last 4 Years

After watching the recent debates on TV, I ask myself: “Are we better?” Well, I can tell you all that anyone who says we are must be living in a hole. Listen, I began my day by filling up my car. Usually, I pay with cash but with a 65 dollar bill, I used my credit card. With that cost, I could sure use some cash back from my Discovery card- even if it’s not that much. And the liberals were complaining when the gas prices were encroaching on 2 dollars under President Bush. Now, they’re hitting 5 and the liberal media remains silent. Just 4 years ago they were about to crucify the former president for such an atrocious cost. Now, they simply agree with Obama’s lame excuse that gas consumption is up while he cuts the Keystone pipeline.

Then, I went to buy food. If the bill was over fifty dollars at the self-checkout line I have to show ID. Since I’ve lived in the area I’ve only had to show ID maybe 2 times. Now, I show ID every time and the sad thing is, I’m buying less! I use to take a shopping cart to the checkout and now I have a hand basket. And this is just over 4 years. What will it be like if Obama is in office for another 4!

To make matters worse, today in my office I was inundated by people who were unemployed, retired or on disability. It made it seem like I was the only one working! And to make things worse, some of the people asked me if I were looking to hire any new positions- and it didn’t matter what the salary was!

Obama talks of how he helps small businesses. I own a small business and can tell you that over the last 4 years it has become more difficult run the company. Between the increase in regulations and demands and the decrease in reimbursements, I wonder where the relief Obama promised went to.  I looked at the books today and realized one thing: it costs me much more to do business today than it did 4 years ago- which means that I’m not hiring or expanding.

Plus, I don’t feel any safer. I feel as if the Middle East is about to explode, China is going to bankrupt us and our country is drowning in debt. So I ask myself: are we better off today than 4 years ago. The answer is a resounding NOOOBAMA!