Summary of Presidential Debates

Well, it seems obvious that there's only one way to win a debate if you are Obama- and that's by lies. With no positive track record to run on, he has to lie in order not to sound like a total failure. What really can he counter with when Governor Romney points out that gas prices are through the roof and that US coal, natural gas and oil production is too low and impossible to expand under Obama's Green laws. Instead of telling the truth that he has a  stranglehold over US fossil fuel, he lies to America that he promotes it.

When posed the question about job loss, underemployment and unemployment, Obama lies through his teeth and tells us Americans about the millions of jobs that he created. I ask you Mr. President: where are these jobs? Is it the US census or other government positions? They must be because the private sector has been buried.

Obama bragged about his foreign policy success. Yet, the Middle East is about ready to explode, North Korea is on the verge of war and China is ready to attack Japan. Maybe he was talking about Canada? I don 't know?

The lies go on and on. And the worst part is that the liberal media lets him do it. The only real fact checks they do is on Governor Romney while they let Obama spout tall tales as if he were P.T Barnum.

I'm just waiting to hear the load of crap he shovels on to the American people at the next debate. Well Mr. President, just like this load of crap you've given us during these debates, your last four years stinks. And no matter how much you lie about it, you've failed the American people and set us on a course to self-destruction. Thanks!