Obama is a Liar

Where is Michael Moore when we need him. He's like the boy who cried Wolf, vehemently calling President Bush a liar every time he spoke. Now, in the midst of another cover-up, and I'm mot writing about the Fast and Furious, he's nowhere to be seen.  Not that I'm complaining that hard. Does anyone really want to see that ugly mug or listen to his left-wing socialistic rhetoric?

But just think of it. Obama and his entire cabinet covered-uped the Taliban attacks on our foreign embassies. Despite the Libyans announcing it was a terrorist event and the attack being on September 11th, Obama stated that unrest was due to an Anti-Muslin movie. Did he really believe that us Americans or the entire world was that naive? Did he really believe that his Hollywood smile along with the cackling excuses by the wicked witch of the East, Hilary Clinton, would fool us? The irony is that he did.

And why not? He's got over 40% of American thinking he's doing a good job. He has them believing the economy is in great shape, despite Ross Perot's warnings and he's got them thinking our foreign policy is solid. The truth is that he's making President Carter look like he did a good job in the oval office. America is crumbling around him while he campaigns and prepares for a debate. Our debt rises as he's on the View. More people are retiring, going on unemployment or are taking much lesser jobs while he tells jokes on late night TV. When you really think of it, he has a large portion of America fooled. So telling them a lie about a terror attack that was overlooked by his administration seems logical. The sad part about it is that the media went right along with it. He lies and MSNBC swears by it. Instead of the main news story being about Obama's failed foreign policy and how he is a liar, the story centers upon what Governor Romney had to say about the event and 47%! If this isn't the biggest example of blatant media bias, I don't know what is!

Michael Moore should be storming the White House demanding for Obama's long-overdue resignation. The media should be browbeating him about the issues. And most of all, the American people should wake up a realize what a total dud we have campaigning in the White House.