Obama Debuts New Brochure

As the election nears Obama introduced a sleek new brochure outlining his plans for the next four years. Instead of labeling it Dreams From My Father, he instead could call it My Dreams. Unfortunately the name was already taken by another bestselling German novel. The translation, Mein Kompf, was an extremely popular book written by Adolf Hitler. Just like Mein Kompf, Obama’s brochure is filled with just as much propaganda and nonsense.

Being distributed in the mailboxes of swing state voters (and possible illegal aliens ironically eligible to vote), this piece of crap might find its way to your home. This brochure will bring the definition of junk mail to a whole new level. I’m just surprised the Obama administration has not incorporated into the public school indoctrination (I mean education) system as of yet. Only 20 pages long, the brochure is meant to outline specifically how Obama plans to make the next 4 years the best the US ever had. Unless it has something about his retiring or losing the election, I doubt there is anything in it that will improve the next four years.

In fact, the contents read like a broken record. Outlining Obama’s plan to build up America’s infrastructure, becoming energy independent and helping the middle class, it neither offers anything new or different from the last 4 disastrous years. The only thing it really has to offer is something that is flammable and can be used to light the fireplace. The irony about this piece of propaganda is that it proposes no real plan or vision for the future. When you read it, all you see is more governmental spending, regulation and suffocation of the middle class. Instead of any real economic plans it provides only more broken promises. Plus, the projects it states the next Obama administration plans to fund are meant to buy the voters. In a way it says: vote for Obama and a big, fat pork-filled bill crammed with governmental perks is coming your way. This piece of 20 page crap is not meant to enlighten the populous. It is meant solely as a means to buy off some more crucial votes.

If Governor Romney put out a similar brochure, the media would have crucified him and told the country he was pandering to the people in order to get more votes. Because Obama put it out, the media is touting it as a revolutionary means to get Obama’s word out to more people. Well Obama, there’s only 2 words that I would like to get out to you and Donald Trump said it best. You’re Fired!