Obama Bows Down to the World

This picture symbolized Obama’s last four years. He began his term bowing down and apologizing to the world that the great USA was an arrogant country who overstepped her boundaries. He apologized to China as they manipulated their currency. He bowed down to the Middle East as they jack up the oil prices and brought our economy to a standstill. He apologized to the Russian and gave them a Reset button which meant Overdrive in Russian. He apologized for the video while the Taliban killed our people in Libya. He bowed down to the left and vetoed the Keystone pipeline while gas prices hit 5 dollars. He apologized for America’s impudence while our soldiers die on foreign lands protecting the world from entering chaos.

Well, Mr. President, you’ve bowed down and apologized to everyone in the world including our enemies but forgot the most important group of people- us Americans. You owe us the biggest apology for your failed economic policies, disregard to the Constitution, terrible foreign policies and the way you lied to us during the debates. I’m waiting.