Joe Biden Burries Middle Class

Just when you thought Joe Biden can't get any dumber, he comes up with another winner. With boneheads like this in the oval office, no wonder why our foreign policy is in shambles, our deficit in 16 trillion and the unemployment rate is STILL around 8%.

The sadder thing about this comment is where is the media? Shouldn't this be all over the news? Shouldn't MSNBC and all those other socialist/Obama supported "news" stations be all over this? Well, where are they? Instead, on today I read how Governor Romney's garbage man doesn't like him. No offense, but this whole story is garbage. It's like they are picking at straws and looking for any contrived method to make future president Romney look bad. The media is afraid to cover the real story. Under Obama, the entire country, most especially the middle class has suffered. The job market is in the toilet, moral is down and students graduating have no place to work.

If you don't believe in media bias, this should prove the point. They crucified Vice President Quayle but give everything stupid Obama and his cronies do a pass. Well, the only pass I hope Obama gets in the future is a one-way pass right out of the White House come this November!