So I go onto again to check some news, naively believing that I could possible get some objective information. After seeing their left-slanted stories about the RNC, I wanted to view what they had to offer me today. Let's just say the articles would not disappoint any socialist (I mean Democrat) or atheist out there.
          Trying not to be closed-minded, I attempted to get through some of the garbage they highlighted today. I first read, "GOP targets Joe Biden". Poor guy. Despite his inability to lead as a VP, his absurd comments and his overall ineffectiveness, does he really deserve to be attacked by the GOP? Well, I guess competency is not a criteria according to the media. I suppose all you need is to believe in anything politically correct and you'll get a pass. It's like a teacher giving his student an A even though he failed the class, embarrassed the school and was the class bully. It's not about what you've accomplished, according to the democrats and liberal media, it's what you believe in that counts.
          Instead of bashing Biden for his ineptitude, I read the next article which pokes fun at our future VP which read, "Paul Ryan's Football Pep Talk Fails to Deliver". This winner story was followed by yahoo's "Electrifying Moments at the DNC".  I failed to see anything at all positive about Governor Romney, an optimistic article about the GNC or any conservative type of story. Thank God I have a brain that works because if all I read were the headlines on, I would have become a Marxist (I mean a Democrat), quit my job, collected food stamps and awaited liked a mindless zombie, eager to cast my ballot for Obama this November.
          Just when I thought I was done torturing myself, I scanned the last to winner articles. The day wouldn't have been complete without at least one article demeaning the Catholic church, "Cardinal blasts 'pompous' Catholic Church" and of course one story dealing with race, "Whites only Class Reunion".
          I then went on to the NBC News. After reading the first article, "Paul Ryan says he misstated marathon claim", I could not read any further. Instead, I decided to turn off my computer and move to Russia. At least there, I might have a chance of getting some unbiased news!