Obama Throws America Inflatable Sex Doll

Has anyone out there been reading that the Federal Reserve Board will buy $400 billion in bad long-term Treasury securities by June 30. The new program, called "The Twist," after a similar '60s-era program, means the Fed will sell its holdings of short-term Treasuries to finance its purchases on long-term notes and bonds. This new bailout strategy is another futile attempt by Obama and the Feds to stimulate the disastrous economy created by this current president. It’s so futile that it reminded me of the following story:

Humorous moments during the recent Australian floods have been few and far between, but this definitely is one. How so? Inflatable sex dolls ... being used as rafts. Two teenagers decided that, lacking any better form of flotation device, they should just go ahead and use some blow-up sex dolls instead. Until, that is, police saw them and told them not to.
Victoria's Yarra River was where the two 19-year-olds were found fooling around (no, not in that way) with the inflatable ladies, and they were promptly told off. You know, because blow-up sex dolls are "not a recognized flotation device." Still, they obviously were laughing about it all -- and wouldn't you be?

Unlike those people in the picture, I’m not laughing (well, I’m laughing about the flotation sex dolls but not about Obama). You see, what Obama is doing is exactly what happened to these people in Australia. Instead of Obama throwing the economy a true life line by creating an atmosphere for both big and small businesses to proper, he throws the economy the equivalent of an inflatable sex doll. What he’s doing is reckless, counterproductive and helps no one. Plus, the truth of the matter is that that the Feds are getting the money to buy these 400 billion in bad long-term securities with taxpayer money. So in essence, us hard-working taxpayers are spending another half-trillion dollars out of our own pocket on another futile bailout program.

Listen Obama, you keep the inflatable sex doll. I’ll wait for Governor Romney this November.