Obama is the new Jimmy Carter

Is it me or is the Obama term turning into a sequel of Jimmy Carter's failed presidency. It is said that history repeats itself but the similarities between the two are frighteningly similar. As I watch our embassies get raided in 3 countries it draws me back to the 70's during the Iran hostage crisis. Instead of keeping the people from our embassy captive, some 30 years later, the radicals are killing them Also, in the wake of the raids it has shown Obama's weakness as a leader. Like Carter, he stands in the oval office with his tail between his legs. Instead of mounting a response, his administration comes out with an apology for the film made here in the U.S. We have our American Ambassador killed and he and Clinton begin their remarks with an apology-not a condemnation? I thought Carter was weak but this is a total travesty.

After almost 4 years in office and watching both President Bush's terms, doesn't Obama realize the only way to deal with any Arab uprising is through force. They do not respond to apologies. It only makes Obama and the entire US look weak. They respond only to force. I never saw our embassies getting raided when President Bush was in office. Though the Arabs did not like him, they respected him. They knew a Tomahawk missile or an elite SEAL or Marine team would be all over them if they did.

Also, what about these gas prices? It again reminds me of the the days of gas shortages during the Carter debacle (I mean administration). Instead of there being a shortage now, gas has become too expensive to buy. And ironically, that's exactly what Obama had planned on in since taking office. Despite the 100% rise in gas prices over the Obama term, there has been no media outcry. When gas went up a penny during President Bush's term, the liberal media would crucify him.

Finally, just like in Carter's term, the moral here in America is at an all time low. Our economy is bad, gas prices are up, people are storming our embassies and jobs are scare. However, if you all remember who came after Jimmy Carter- Ronald Reagan. I foresee history repeating itself again. This time, Governor Romney will take the oval office and bring back to America respect, prosperity and a hope for the future.