Obama is Arrogant

Arrogance is an understatement when describing our current president. He’s the type of guy who would start his own fan club and become president of the organization. To begin with, who writes an autobiography before they accomplished anything? The only thing Obama has ever accomplished was to be promoted to higher schools and offices with absolutely no merits to substantiate such advancements. Did he truly have the grades to get into Harvard Law- NO! Did he have any skills or prove himself worthy to become a US senator- NO! Did this junior senator do anything at all positive to deserve to be elected president-NO! Even Hillary Clinton said the only thing Obama had on his resume before getting into the White House was a fantastic speech at the 2004 DNC.
Now Obama has risen to the point of incompetence. He has totally lost credibility from our military. The Navy Seals disrespect him. Wall Street thinks he is the enemy. Small business owners view him as the greatest obstacle to success. Big Business is rushing to get out of the country because of his policies. However, the Chinese love him. Why? Because he’s the sucker who keeps lending money from them and supporting their entire economy. If Obama was half as good to the American economy as he is to the Chinese, we’d be seeing unprecedented economic growth.

I have the perfect picture which sums up Obama more precisely than I ever could:

Honestly, this picture hits the nail on the head. The American economy is in the crapper, our space program is in the gutter, unemployment/underemployment is high, gas prices are through the roof, the US is in massive debt and confidence in our government is at an all time low. Despite all of this, Obama still thinks he is doing a great job and hopes to get is face on Mount Rushmore. For a logical person this type of thinking is almost inconceivable. However, for an egotistical, arrogant man that’s just what he believes.

One last comment: to honor the true American hero, Neil Armstrong, Obama posted this picture of himself:

Each day he is in office the more we see into his true psyche. His presidential term is all about himself and his legacy. The American people mean nothing to him. We are all just simple-minded pawns meant only to propagate Obama’s God-like image. (I’m sorry for using God. It might upset those at the DNC). Well Mr. Obama, it is your privilege to serve as president and not our privilege to serve you!