Though years have passed since 9/11/01, the hatred towards America and all of Western Society continues. The radicals of the Arab world want to see nothing more than a new 9/11 event every day. Their unrelenting distain for our western ideals, our freedoms, our respect towards woman and all that we have fought for has not stopped. Their unrelenting goal of destroying America and of her allies has not ceased.

          Do not forget their cheers as the planes struck the twin towers. Do not forget how Osama became the most popular name in the Arab world. Do not forget how they partied that day while we mourned. Those emotions have not faded. Instead they have grown stronger.

          We must not forget why we fight the wars that we are engaged in, We must not forget the men and women who lost their lives in the fight. We must never forget how we got here. We did not start the war. They brought it upon themselves. 9/11 was a cowardly attack that killed unarmed civilians. There was no honor in the attack. It was a spineless act that only proved to bring death and destruction to their own people.

          We must never let them win. By forgetting about 9/11 it only weakens our resolve. Let us all sit back today and remember this event. Remember our feelings back then and most importantly, remember what we have to do in order to ensure the survival of our society.

God Bless America.