Obama is Above the Constitution

          Somehow I am starting to get the feeling that Obama thinks he's above the Constitution. Call me crazy but I am a little surprised after I read the following:
President Obama is considering executive-branch action on U.S. cybersecurity after Congress failed to pass legislation to protect national security assets, a White House aide said.
“If the Congress is not going to act on something like this, then the president wants to make sure that we’re doing everything possible,”  John Brennan, Obama’s counterterrorism adviser, said today at an event at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington.
          Actually, I'm not surprised at all at such blatant disrespect for the Constitution. What our Fuhrer is doing is bypassing the Congress and acting unilaterally. Remember, Congress creates the laws and the president signs them. Instead, Obama is putting laws into effect that were never passed through the Congress and making unilateral decisions.  
          This is exactly why the founding fathers made the checks and balance system. They wanted depart from the traditional system of when a king ruled the country to a democratic system similar to that of the ancient Greeks and early Romans. Now what has happened is that Obama is moving back to the form of government which our forefathers fought so hard to depart from
          Let me ask: "Where is the media outrage?" The president wants to trash the Constitution and the mainstream media remain silent? Has CNN, MSNBC and The New York Times simply become just an extension of the White House publicity department. Are they the equivalent to Russia's government-run paper-Pravda? It must be so. We Americans should be outraged. We should all be calling our Congressmen to impeach the president.

          It's not like he hasn't done the same thing before. Just recently he made an executive order to take the "work out of welfare" as Governor Romney astutely states. "The 1996 welfare reform legislation was overwhelmingly popular, was a great bipartisan achievement, stands as a policy success and comports with Americans’ deepest values about personal responsibility and the work ethic. And Obama tosses that aside, for reasons that still seem perplexing."
          Now we know why Obama and his staff are so glib about saying that if Congress doesn't pass something they want, Obama will create a new law for it all by himself. The reason is simple. He just did it little to no backlash. There was no consequences, march on Washington or call for Obama's resignation. Instead, the mainstream media remained silent as our president disregards the Constitution, dismantles the economy, trashes our space programs, spits on work done by our forefathers, embraces our enemies, polarizes our allies and creates a welfare state.
          Good job Mr. President!