Obama has Millions of fake Twitter Followers

I read this story on Drudge Report today and found it rather ironic. It stated that of Obama’s 18.8 million followers 70% were fake. It noted that a new web tool released by StatusPeople ascertained the scope of this fraud.
This begs the big question: How many votes for Obama are fake? I have no doubt that the same team of political felons that created another 10 million followers for him on Twitter will be creating another 10 million false ballots for him this November. If this doesn’t make our founding fathers roll over in their graves, I don’t know what will.

Obama and his political cronies put up a smoke screen, attempting to hide what they are doing. They do everything possible to make it easier for someone to vote. First of all, you don’t need any form of ID to cast a ballot. When I last voted, some senile old woman asked only for my name. She then opened up a book with all the local voters and their signatures and asked me to sign next to my name. The sad part of it is that she was going to have me sign next to my wife’s signature. After I corrected her mistake, I scribbled a signature which looked nothing like the one in the book. After not even checking the authenticity of my John Hancock, she gave me a card and called me Michael- the last I checked my name was Steve. However, my wife’s name is Michele? I think this episode sums up my confidence in the overall quality of voter verification.
This is not American. Every person, no matter what their intelligence, gets one vote which is equal. I don’t recall anything in the Constitution which allows all Obama voters or liberals to get one vote for themselves and one for their imaginary friend. I checked and it’s not in the fine print- at least not before Obama got into power and has been trying to hand-correct a few portions of it.
It seems really simple. With the right to vote there has to be some assurance that there is authenticity in an election outcome. Without that it undermines our whole political system. Unfortunately, the Democrats have done this purposefully. Under the guise of voter disenfranchisement, they created an atmosphere that promotes voter fraud. Well, I knew this November election was going to get ugly. It seems that Obama will sink to whatever low level is needed to get himself re-elected. We’ve seen him lie and cheat. Plus, we’ve seen him steal from the hard-working Americans attempting to make a living without government handouts. In the end, I just wish StatusPeople would create an App to check our next election results. It would be rather telling.