Neil Armstrong Dies

         The passing of Neil Armstrong represents' a symbolic end to an era. He was a great American hero and a true pioneer- he represented the American spirit and typified our dreams as a American to strive for the stars, become more than we are and achieve greatness. It was the virtues which my family taught me, the virtues I pass down to my children, and the virtues I attempt to convey to all those who know me. It represents some of the core values which made America great and typifies the principles which make people in this country success.
          It's kind of poetic that he passed away during Obama's reign of terror (I mean his presidency) because he represents the antithesis of Neil Armstrong. First of all, Obama finds no real value in NASA. He neither shares its beliefs or relishes in its success. Instead, he views it as the unfortunate institution of a country that raped the world and is flaunting its achievements. He does not take pride in its great history and has no vision for its future.
          Under Obama, our plan to go to Mars was terminated. Though he speaks of landing a man on the red planet, he has cancelled the vital rocket program that would get us there. Under his term our mighty space shuttle program met its demise. The once great space nation of the USA is now relying on Russia to get our astronauts to space. We have to hitch a ride on their rockets just to get to the international space station. And as sad as it sounds, when he came into office he gave the director of NASA one important mission he wanted accomplished. No, it was not getting a man to Mars. No, it was not to build a moon elevator. Instead, he said the most important thing he wanted him to do was increase Muslim relations? I put a question mark at the end because it because it's too ridiculous to write without wincing. Kennedy wants us to go to the Moon while Obama wants our astronauts to go to Mecca. Sounds reasonable?
          Secondly, Obama's American dream in not what we were taught as children. The thought of striving to become successful, increasing one's wealth, owning a successful business and going up the economic ladder is now frowned upon. Instead, those who become financially successful are now vilified. Their success is maligned and their wealth deemed un-American. Instead, he wants the dream of the American youth to be one of dependence on the government, to strive only for mediocrity, to ridicule the wealthy, chastise the rich and to be subservient to the world. He sees the next generation as the group of people to pay for the errors of country's history. He does not want them to feel good to be American. Instead he wants them to feel ashamed of our country, our history and what we stand for. He wants us to pay morally, spiritually and financially for our past. When he got into office, we saw just this when he went on his apology tour.
          Well Mr. President, I'm not apologizing for anything. The only thing our country has to apologize for is electing you into office. That error, however, will be rectified this November.