Michelle Obama Scolds Gabby Douglas

          Michelle Obama scolding Gabby Douglas about her diet is tantamount to Ron Jeremy lecturing Mother Theresa on promiscuity. It’s almost insane to think about. Correct me if I’m wrong but I’ve never seen Michele at the Olympics like Gabby. I’m sorry…I did see her this year as a spectator and not as a participant. And the irony about her whole trip is that we, the taxpayer, funded her family vacation to London. While most Americans are counting every penny, she decides to take a trip to the Olympics paid exclusively by the US taxpayer.
          Does anyone realize how expensive such a vacation costs? Between the secret service, hotels, and food, the money starts adding up. Remember her trip to Spain? That sweet getaway had a price tag of over half a million dollars. I wonder how much this little trip set the taxpayer back. However, it doesn’t matter her. She’ll just put it on her American Debit Card which has already been overdrawn by 15 trillion dollars. Despite the cost of her Olympic excursion, I hear no media outlet lambasting her about the price. Instead, while she wears a 6 thousand dollar jacket, the media condemns Governor Romney’s wife over a silk shirt. While Obama makes millions of dollars each year, the media chastises the good governor for his salary. Am I wrong to say but aren’t they both 1 percenters?
          The bottom line is that the Obamas are arrogant, and Michelle Obama scolding Gabby Douglas typifies their attitude towards the American people. They can criticize others about their diet, their taxes, their wealth and their health. Yet, they stand above each of us a can do and act as they please. Barack Obama can earn millions a year yet he chastises those Americans earning any non-government supported living. Michele can wear expensive clothes, eat whatever she wants and take extravagant vacations yet she can reprimand others if they do the same.
          The sad thing about this scenario is that the media lets the Obamas and the liberals live this double-standard without calling them out on their hypocrisy. For example, when’s the last time anyone saw a picture of our president smoking? I can assure you it wasn’t on CNN. Another example is the healthcare plan Obama have shoved down our throats. He states it is the answer to all of America’s problems. Yet, he will not have the same health program!
          Let’s end the hypocrisy. Obama has got to go!