Liberalism is a Disease

I often wonder why liberal Americans still exist. Now, even more than ever, the liberals have gone so far left that they have turned into America's New Socialist Party. Ironically, many of these people are not stupid or uneducated. Yet, they embrace the failed liberal agenda despite of a continued failed track record for decades. The fact is that no socialist country is successful. Just look at what's happening over in Europe. Plus, under Obama's disastrous socialist term our economy is in the gutter, our unemployment/underemployment numbers are high and the standard of living has dropped for many throughout the country.
So I wonder, why in the face of undeniable facts and continued failure would any sane person remain a liberal? As a rational person and physician the only explanation I can provide is that liberalism is caused by some form of an infection. This infection must somehow alter the brain chemistry in a way that makes the person think in an irrational, liberal fashion.
You may think this sounds odd or that I must be writing to be facetious, but what I say is not unprecedented. There are infections which can alter neural chemistry aberrantly in order to make the infected host act in a way that is not natural or possibly even detrimental. I'd like to provide a few intriguing examples before I go on to explain my hypothesis any further.
I'll begin with a parasite recently highlighted in the media known as Toxoplasma gondii. The definitive host of this infection is the cat. In order to reproduce the parasite produces an oocyte which is released in the cat’s feces. The oocyst is then ingested most commonly by rats or mice. These animals are then eaten by the cats and the whole cycle begins anew.
However, what makes this parasite so intriguing is that rodents affected by the disease lose their aversion to cat urine. In fact it believed that these animals are even drawn to cats instead of fearing them. Thus, the parasite aberrantly changes the animal’s neural chemistry so that it can continue its life cycle. In fact recent research completed concluded that this parasite can change dopamine levels in the infected animal’s brain, which can alter behavior
It’s also believed that Toxoplasma gondii can affect a human’s brain. It is hypothesized that those crazy old ladies who shackle themselves up alone and begin hoarding cats could actually be infected by these parasites. The parasite may make the person become some-what strange and begin to hoard cats in an almost irrational fashion. When you think of it- it is odd that most cat ladies are not much different from each other. Could it be the Toxoplasma gondii infection?
Another interesting example is the jungle-dwelling turtle ant. When infected by certain nematodes their hind end turns bright red like berry and the ant inexplicably climbs to the top of trees and waves its rear, just waiting to eaten by a bird that thinks it’s a delectable fruit. What happens is that a nematode affects the brain of the ant to make it think and act in a fashion that is detrimental to its survival. Below is a picture.

After understanding how the infection can cause alteration in the host’s brain, now you can begin to realize how liberalism might be caused by such a similar mode of action. As already mentioned, liberals seem to adamantly adhere to their belief system despite all rational argument, undisputed facts and a long track record of failure. My hypothesis is as follows:
Liberals seem to be infected by some sort of virus or parasite I’ll hypothetically label the L-Virus. This infection then causes the person to think irrationally and adhere to a liberal doctrine of failure. They tend to believe Obama is a fantastic president, capitalism is bad and that big government means big success.
It may seem coincidental but this infection tends to coalesce among Universities, media outlets, Hollywood, and those in the entertainment industry. You may wonder why but it may be a part of its natural life cycle. Possibly, in order for this infection to propagate to another individual a perspective host might have to be in the right state of mind with the proper neurotransmitters to become infected. Thus, listening to liberal propaganda and giving it at least some credence might make a person susceptible to infection. Once infected, the person’s neurotransmitters are irrevocably altered so that they not only believe in the liberal agenda but want to unnaturally propagate its flawed philosophy. Therefore, they are drawn to the Universities, media and Hollywood so that the life cycle of the L-Virus can continue and spread.
It may seem odd but how can anyone rationally explain why they would want to vote for Obama again. With ramped unemployment/underemployment, a space program in shambles, an insurmountable debt and no vision for the future a person would seem to be insane to vote Obama in office for a second term. It’s like the jungle-dwelling turtle ant waving its rear in the air, waiting to be eaten. Instead of waving their rear in the air the infected person goes to the poll and votes for the liberal candidate, who will eventually destroy American and leave our next generation destitute. So as stated above, the only explanation would have to be an infection from this hypothetical L-Virus.
Fortunately, there is a cure for some. And that cure is Governor Romney. Let’s get rid of the L-Virus and bring hope and prosperity back to our country this November. No-Bama!
Stephen Martino MD