Liberal Media

I'd like to use this post to show the world a little media bias. The news should report the facts and let the reader come up with his or her own conclusion. However, after the RNC convention last night, the left spin has already begun:

I'll start with ABC.  Their headline read:
"Fact Check: Mitt Romney's Speech at the RNC"
It was met with the following unflattering picture. It makes the governor look more like a dictator than the RNC candidate.

The NBC and MSNBC headline's did not prove much more flattering:
"Where Romney Succeeded (and didn't)"
It, however, did provide a picture which caught the excitement of the convention.

CNN did cover the story but attempted to minimize Romneys's role. Instead, they gave Clint Eastwood (one of my all time favorite actors, directors, writers and person in general) the spotlight of their web page with the following article:  "The Speech Everyone's Talking About".
Then, featured less prominently and almost obscurely was a smaller article about Governor Romney which looked like this:
                                                     I can almost make him out!

Interestingly, Yahoo provided no coverage of Governor Romney and instead ran a story about Obama marking the anniversary of the Iraq War. AOL also neglected the governor and put forth their own line of propaganda with the following articles: "Obama Responds to Clint Eastwood's Chair Schtick" and "Fox New Braking Up with Sarah Palin?".

Now, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that the news media of America definitely leans (if not stands) completely on the left. I'm not trying to sway your opinion but the facts as presented above definitely speak for themselves. You decide.